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Stay Enhancements

Laptop with a Mount hostpage

Easy Access

Once you have been onboarded and your stay enhancement/add-on is live on your customized Mount host mini marketplace, your guests will be able to rent/reserve them before or during their stay.

Customize the Duration

As a host, you can give the option to rent or reserve your add-on/amenity for the entire stay or by the day. The booking process is smooth and secure, allowing your guests to reserve your stay enhancements within minutes!

someone holding an iphone in their hand with the Mount homepage checking the availabilty of a stay enhancement
Someone using a desktop going through the checkout page on a Mount Host page

Our Rental Agreement

Just before your guests check out, they will be asked to accept the Mount Rental Agreement and Damage Waiver. This step is essential before they can rent or reserve any of your add-ons!

Fast Communication

After the payment has been processed, your guests will receive all the essential information they need to unlock and make the most of your stay enhancement/add-on via email.

a woman using an iphone looking at the Mount stay enchancement confirmation email
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