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Elevate your Guest Experience
Elevate your Revenue

Rent anything to anyone at any time.

What is Mount?

Watch our demo video to learn about the platform!

Why Mount?

Add a rental business to your STR business. Rent bikes, paddle boards, and more in San Diego, or use any of Mount's third party experiences to offer to guests.

  • Reservation management software

  • Damage waivers

  • Payment processing

  • Fully customized e-commerce page


Don't Have Amenities to Offer?

Leverage our network of tour operators and excursion providers around San Diego.

Key Features:

  • Automated Local Recommendations

  • Zero Management or Upkeep

  • Payment Processing and Rental Facilitation

The Numbers


$128 Average guest transaction

250+ Tours and excursions in San Diego

48 Hours to get up and running with Mount

Check out Experiences we Offer Near you!

Want to Know What's in Your Area?

Fill out the information below to get a custom list of excursions near you.

A Mount team member will be in touch shortly.

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