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How it Works

Learn more about Mount and take a deep dive into what we really offer within our mini-marketplaces. Our platform allows hosts and vendors to curate the ultimate guest experience with in-house stay enhancements as well as local experiences within your area!

Stay Enhancements

Do you have amenities or add-ons locked up in your owners closet just collecting dust? Maybe it's an e-bike that you paid good money for and don't want to risk damage. Or maybe it's a kayak you're nervous about letting your guest use because of liability? Or maybe you have been wanting to invest in something that would enhance your guest experience, you just don't know how to handle the transaction securely. A Mount marketplace is exactly what you need!

a woman and a man standing by bikes on a Mountain

First start off with a demo with a Mount consultant to see how Mount can best help you! Then, let the Mountaineering begin!

Local Experiences

If you are constantly sending your guests what feels like hundreds of links to cool unique local experiences in your area when they ask for recommendations, you need a Mount mini marketplace! With a Mount mini marketplace, vacation rental hosts and concierges have the ability to curate a unique list of local experiences for their guests without having to worry about sending dozens of links.

Two people walking with their surfboards on the beach towards the ocean during sunset

Once you have booked a demo with a Mount Consultant, they will help you access the over 40,000 local experiences, Mount has to offer all over the world!

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