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Welcome the Newest Mountaineer: Luca Parducci

Updated: Jul 24

Woot Woot! We are on a roll! If you’ve been Keeping up with the Mountaineers, you already know a few months ago we welcomed Jesus Gonzalez as our newest Mount advisor, but guess what?! We’re already welcoming another!
Luca Parducci

We are overjoyed to introduce the newest Mount advisor and angel investor, Luca Parducci to the Mount team. Luca will be bringing his STR expertise to Mount over the next 18 months to assist the Mount team to grow revenue, customer retention, and overall utilization of the Mount platform.

It seems that each time we add someone to the team, we seem to continuously outdo ourselves! If you aren’t familiar with our good friend Luca, he is currently the Director of Supply at Hopper Homes, the new vertical for Hopper! As Director Of Supply, Parducci oversees the API integrations with partners, acquisition team, onboarding, account management and so much more. Just to give an insight into the success of Hopper, in 2021 the Hopper app had 22 million downloads worldwide and is currently valued at $5 billion.

You think that’s impressive? Well, this isn’t his first rodeo in the STR/Vacation rental biz... oh no! He has worked at a number of other companies in the hospitality space including HotelTonight and Plum Guide, so we kind of consider him a hospitality expert.

About Luca:

Luca grew up in the Tuscany region of Italy just a regular kid, you know winning the Italian basketball championship for your hometown kindof regular. Back in the day he also used to be a DJ! Can you say versatile? After an extremely short-lived career in banking at the infamous Lehman Brothers that was (a week to be exact on account the company went bankrupt!), Luca used this opportunity to slide into the consulting world for Bain and Company. After Parducci moved to London from Milan, he started working for this little company called HotelTonight. Have you heard of it? Here, he got the taste of the sweet life of hospitality tech.

Luca likes to volunteer his time with Techstars and help young entrepreneurs follow their dreams and build their start-ups and small businesses. Like many other startups Luca has worked with including Hopper Homes, Luca instantly saw the value proposition and opportunity for scalability in Mount!

We are excited to have such an international gem on our team that shares our vision of empowering the local economy and sharing in the journey. Want to get to know the rest of our super cool team? Check out our Meet the Team blog!

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