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TurnoverBnB's Tips And Tricks to a Top-Notch Turnover

Updated: Jul 24

Whether a host plans to hire professional vacation rental cleaners, do the work themselves, or combine efforts, here are 3 cleaning hacks to make short-term rental cleaning easier.

3 Expert Vacation Rental Cleaning Tips

1. Use a Cleaning Checklist

By utilizing a cleaning checklist, hosts can create and maintain an efficient workflow to streamline the process of running a vacation rental. Checklists are a way to maximize turnover productivity and resources available in the most labor-saving manner.

2. Clean With Baking Soda

Air fresheners and candles only mask odors temporarily, and soap can only do so much for stains. Baking soda, however, can easily eliminate stubborn stains, lingering odors, and more. It can even be used to get rid of tough odors, like removing cigarette smoke smell from carpets.

3. Use Removable Duvet Covers and Throw Pillowcases

Every host and cleaner knows the challenges that come with quickly laundering Airbnb

bedding. The best and easiest way to keep comforters and throw pillows clean is to use removable duvet covers and pillowcases.

Simply throw these items into the washer to eliminate dirt, dust, and bacteria, and dry them on a normal cycle. No more waiting while running the dryer multiple times to fully dry bulky items like throw pillows, comforters, and quilts.

Simplify and Grow Your Vacation Rental Business with TurnoverBnB

To alleviate stress and make running a vacation rental more enjoyable, consider TurnoverBnB to help you manage all listings, keep track of cleaning schedules, and monitor payments and inventory.

If you haven't already, check out TurnoverBnB's feature in our Top-Notch STR and Vacation Rental Industry Startups of 2022 series and start simplifying your short-term rental cleaning today.

Guest Author: Stephanie Kidd, Senior Writer at TurnoverBnB
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