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Top-Notch STR and Vacation Rental Industry Startups of 2022: TurnoverBnB

Updated: May 2, 2022

Welcome to our favorite new series, where we introduce you to some of the top-notch startups in the STR and vacation rental game. We aren't talking about just any regular startups; we are talking about some of the most innovative and industry-disruptive startups that are revolutionizing the STR and vacation rental world as we speak!

First up, we have TurnoverBnB. If you are unfamiliar with TurnoverBnB, it's a must-have automating tool for property managers and vacation rental hosts to help them centralize communication and management. It allows them to seamlessly find, schedule, and pay for vacation rental cleaning through a user-friendly website or mobile app. Don't believe us? Keep reading to learn how TurnoverBnB not only improves operations, but can all in all increase your revenue.

So how can TurnoverBnb help you run your STR or vacation rental more smoothly?

TurnoverBnB was designed with the goal of solving hosts’ vacation rental cleaning woes through automation, for example:

1. Hosts can proactively communicate with cleaners

With the TurnoverBnB Host App, hosts can work with cleaners and communicate with them efficiently. Cleaners use their own TurnoverBnB Cleaner App where not only can they send hosts messages, but they can also view cleaning schedules, receive alerts, use checklists, track inventory, and report issues.

With these features, hosts and property managers can ultimately save time on planning and delegating tasks to manage their properties. Time is a valuable resource, and instead of having to text back and forth with cleaners to ensure clarity for cleaning projects and payment, hosts can increase productivity by having TurnoverBnB streamline the process for them.

2. Make sure you get that 5-star cleaning every time

TurnoverBnB allows hosts to invite their existing cleaners on the platform if they wish to continue working with them. Chances are, this is because the host is already familiar with their existing cleaners’ work ethics and cleaning quality.

If a host wishes to find new cleaners, TurnoverBnB’s marketplace has tens of thousands reliable cleaners to choose from. This enables hosts to receive multiple bids from professional cleaners in their area within an hour or two.

Best yet, cleaners that are on TurnoverBnB’s marketplace are reviewed and approved by the customer support team, as well as other vacation rental hosts. This means the professional cleaners are already experts in the industry with high expectations ingrained in their cleaning practices.

3. No one has time for all of those unnecessary trips!

Running a vacation rental business while juggling time for family, a full-time job, and other responsibilities can be overwhelming, especially when unforeseen events pop up.

Hosts can save time and avoid unnecessary trips to their property with TurnoverBnB. If a cleaner detects damages or amenities that need replenishing in the host's property, they can immediately report the problem using their TurnoverBnB Cleaner App.

Then, hosts can simply view the reported problem, ask the cleaner to handle it if it’s cleaning-related, or share the details of the issue with an outside contact to handle it for them. For instance, if a cleaner reports a plumbing issue, the host can share the details of the problem with an external contact, such as a plumber, all without having to step foot in their unit.

4. Bye, bye excel spreadsheet! Manage all your listings in one place.

If a host has multiple properties or is planning to manage more listings, automating their vacation rental cleaning process can allow them to oversee every aspect of their business efficiently — helping their business to reach its full potential.

TurnoverBnB helps properties achieve quick turnovers completed by professional cleaners who have great attention to detail. It lets hosts carry out enhanced organization for all of their properties.

5. Receive More Positive Guest Reviews

Cleanliness is one of the most vital categories guests rate their stay on. By staying consistent in providing thorough cleanings to their vacation rental properties, hosts are communicating to guests that they value their business.

TurnoverBnB offers a one-stop solution for hosts to make sure detailed cleaning is provided after every guest checks out. Cleaning is a tedious job and a lot of work for a sole vacation rental host. Working with a cleaner on TurnoverBnB can reduce a huge amount of the workload while attracting more guests and increasing the likelihood of positive reviews.

How TurnoverBnB Solves Vacation Rental Cleaning

The TurnoverBnB origin story is one of resolution, creativity, determination, and most of all, passion. It all started when Assaf Karmon, CEO and Co-Founder of TurnoverBnB, was managing an Airbnb vacation rental and found that keeping track of cleaning schedules could be a headache.

An accomplished software engineer, Assaf worked to eliminate his hosting challenges by creating an app to make turnover scheduling simple. Teaming up with a business school friend and now TurnoverBnB Co-Founder Tim Roy, the pair shared the app with the community and launched a growing SaaS business.

While scheduling vacation rental cleaning was a challenge, Assaf and Tim discovered that finding reliable cleaners was an even bigger issue. In turn, TurnoverBnB became more than just a scheduling automation tool, but continued to expand into a Marketplace with added features that are beneficial to both hosts and cleaners. Here are some of the features TurnoverBnB hosts are raving over:

Auto Payments

On average, it takes five minutes to pay a cleaner manually. TurnoverBnB’s auto payment feature helps hosts save over 40 hours per year. It allows them to easily monitor transactions and pay cleaners instantly when they finish a cleaning project.

Cleaning Checklists

Hosts can create unique checklists on the TurnoverBnB Host app to help their cleaning teams stay organized and track every requirement of a property turnover. Hosts can also utilize or get inspiration from thousands of premade checklists shared by other seasoned vacation rental professionals.


Amenities such as towels, toiletries, and other necessities can be instantly tracked and reported by TurnoverBnB cleaners. Hosts can customize their inventory list for cleaners to check off during each turnover — so they know exactly what needs to be replenished before the next guest check-in.

Guest Checkout Reviews

Every time a guest informs a host of an early check-out, hosts can ask the guest to rate their stay with a unique code generated on TurnoverBnB. This will allow hosts to gain valuable feedback to create an even better experience for the next guests. The feature also allows cleaners to get notified so they know they have extra time to clean the unit.

Want some insider cleaning tips from the best of the best? Check out Turnoverbnb's Turnover Tips and Tricks piece to learn a thing or two about getting yourself a 5-star cleanliness rating every time!

So if you got to this point and STILL haven't signed up for TurnoverBnB, we aren't mad at you...just disappointed. Do yourself a favor and stop stressing about cleaning already and sign up for TurnoverBnB today!

Guest Author: Stephanie Kidd, Senior Writer at TurnoverBnB
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