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Our Favorite Things To Do in Barcelona, Spain

No matter if you are here for a conference like the Scale Rentals or just here on vacation, Barcelona is a place where there are ALWAYS things to do. Let’s say you already drooled over the Sagrada Familia, strolled down La Rambla, gawked at the Gotic Cathedral, and went through almost every museum in Barcelona, you are probably thinking, now what?

Well, you are in luck! We have a list of some of the best places to eat, drink, beach, and enjoy the view in Barcelona. Let’s get right into it!

Where to Eat

When people think of Spain, they think of Mediterranean food, sangria, and flamenco.

Here are some of the best places to cure that Mediterranean craving.

Paella is a very controversial topic when it comes to Spain, if you ask any 10 people off the street, I guarantee they will all have different answers. If you asked us, we would say 7 Portes. 7 Portes is a classic, timeless paella restaurant with 185 years of experience under its belt (so yeah, they know what they’re doing).

Because this place is the real deal, we suggest making a reservation, to beat the wait.

If you are looking for a nice tapas restaurant, we suggest Casa Lolea and Elsa y Fred, just to name a couple. Casa Lolea has delicious tapas to share and some of the best sangria, as it originally started as a sangria company! Two birds…one stone.

Elsa y Fred has a unique ambiance that makes it the perfect place for a date night or night out with friends. We highly recommend the Pulpo al hierro and the Tuna Tartar to start!.

If you are looking for something casual, our recommendation is a stroll down Carrer Blai. Carrer Blai is located in Poble Sec and houses some of the best pinchos in Barcelona! Our favorite place to start is La Tasqueta de Blai.

Where to Drink

Three of the Top 50 Bars in the World, call Barcelona home. While Paradiso, Two Schmucks, and Sips are BEYOND AMAZING, sometimes they can be a little hard to get into or a little too crowded. Not to worry, here are some suggestions for some great bars in Barcelona.

If you are looking for some cocktail bars with a little bit of pizazz, Pax49 and La Dama will be right up your alley. Pax49 is fun, but an upscale-ish bar with some of the coolest cocktails and even cooler bartenders. La Dama is very speakeasy-ish and has a cocktail list as sophisticated as their food menu, so be ready to put those pinkies up.

If you’re looking to rub elbows with the locals, try Can Paixano. They make their own cava sourced locally and their sandwiches are the perfect pairing. If you are looking for a local watering hole with a little bit of history, Bar Marsella should be on your list. This is the oldest absinthe bar in Barcelona and was once the (VERY) frequented by Hemingway, as well as Picasso, Dali, and Gaudi. Who knows you’ll be inspired by the ghosts of Bar Marsella’s past.

Where the Views Are

Barcelona is a city full of views! Some are from a terrace, some are in nature and some are from a church/amusement park.

Some of our top rooftop picks are Hotel Colon right off Via Laietana, with breathtaking views of the Gothic Cathedral, Sercotel Rosellon with a close-up view of the Sagrada Familia (be sure to book in advance), and 1881 per Sagradi on top of the Museu d'Història De Catalunya near the port. From here you can see the water and get some ideas for your next mega-yacht purchase.

If you are looking to see some views, but in a natural setting, you MUST visit the Parc del Laberint d’Horta this park is actually a labyrinth, (definitely not as intense as the one in Harry Potter), Jardines Mossen Costa i Llobera, which is a unique cactus and succulents garden situated between the Castle of Montjuic and port. Last, but not least we have the church/amusement park that is Tibidabo. For many tourists, Tibidabo is a strange mix of fun and faith, but for locals, it's just…Tibidabo. If you are looking for an epic sunset, Tibidabo is a great place to bring friends, family, and food, to enjoy the landscape and scenery that makes up Barcelona.

A Little Bonus

I know right now, you are probably like, “what more can there be to do in Barcelona!?” and the answer is A LOT, but we suggest you start with this.

We do have a couple of bonus activities, just in case you still have a day or two to spare. If you are in search of a beach that is not artificial (no shade to Barcelona city), we suggest taking a quick train ride to Sitges. There you will find miles of beautiful beaches, a picturesque old town with white-washed buildings, good food, and even better nightlife. If you are itching for EVEN BETTER beaches, Costa Brava and Tarragona are very good options. Cava tasting at the Freixenet winery just outside Barcelona is also an enjoyable way to kill some time.

By now, we hope your itinerary is jam-packed with all these fun things to do in Barcelona. Did we miss something? Let us know!

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