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Our Story

To some, it may come as a shock that Mount started out as a bike lock company. Our CEO, Madison Rifkin started developing locks when she was 12 years old and patented her lock when she was just 15 years old. While at Northeastern University, she continued to work on her bike lock concept, which eventually developed into what we know as Mount. With her background in locks, she steered Mount toward the emerging micro-mobility industry, where she advised companies on locking solutions for electric bikes and scooters. It was through her consulting work, the present concept of Mount was born. Through consulting, Rifkin learned about travelers' usage of personal mobility solutions and the unit economics issues the micro-mobility industry faced.

Nearby at Boston University, Madison met and brought on Rishab Nayak as CTO and Co-founder to help build the Mount vision. Nayak brought his extensive background with designing cloud solutions and building enterprise applications to Mount. After numerous pivots, in 2020, Rifkin made the strategic decision to move away from locks and started offering scooters at Airbnb properties. During strategic conversations, Madison was also able to recruit short-term rental experts - Margot Lee Schmorak, the Co-founder and CEO of Hostfully, and Daniel Dubois, the Co-founder and President of Key, as advisors.

Our People

Madison Rifkin

CEO and Co-founder

Why you chose to work at Mount: I love to travel and have stayed at countless Airbnbs. The thing all those Airbnbs were lacking, amenities. I wanted to rent a bike or scooter to get around town. The moment when everything clicked was when I was at an Airbnb in Amsterdam. They offered us bikes that came with our Airbnb rental. We used them to get around town and had a great experience. That’s when I looked into why all Airbnbs don't offer this and found out there was no real solution to help them offer these amenities. - Mount was born.

Favorite vacay destination: Bergen, Norway

Rishab Nayak

CTO and Co-founder

Why you chose to work at Mount: As an avid biker and traveler, the very first thing I notice when traveling to a new destination is the lack of shared amenities, specifically personal mobility. As a technologist, I always thought of solutions to this problem - when Madi reached out to me to help her build Mount, I jumped on board to build out a team that creates an end-to-end solution for my fellow travelers! Go Mount!

Favorite vacay destination: Biking through New Zealand

Shonari Smith

Director of Operations

Why you chose to work at Mount: I joined Mount because I believe in our vision of improving travel experiences and making amenities readily available during stays.

Favorite vacay destination: Barbados

Marin Halvorsen

Business Development

Why you chose to work at Mount: I’ve been a fan of Madi’s entrepreneurship ideas since she started brainstorming in high school— so I jumped at opportunity to work for her! I love the fast pace, creative atmosphere, and how much I learn on a daily basis.

Favorite vacay destination: Zermatt, Switzerland

Michael Steiner

Senior Advisor

Why you chose to work at Mount: I met Madi after working for 7 years at Social Bicycles (employee #10) --> JUMP --> Uber as an Industrial Designer and Product Manager, and was excited to use my past experience to help Mount grow into an awesome product and platform!

Favorite vacay destination: Tokyo, Japan (So far!)

Kennedy Williams

Marketing Associate

Why you chose to work at Mount: As an avid traveler, I have been yearning for something like Mount for years, so Mount's mission, is a mission that is personal to me! It’s such a surreal and unique experience working with a company that is on the cusp of something industry-changing.

Favorite vacay destination: drop me off anywhere in the South of Spain and I'll be happy as a clam.

Brett Laws

Software Engineer

Why you chose to work at Mount: I wanted to work with awesome people and make something that impacts the world!

Favorite vacay destination: Literally anywhere secluded, peaceful and new.

Travis Moret

Software Engineer

Why you chose to work at Mount: Mount resonated with me because I saw an opportunity to work on a shared economy with like – minded teammates and fellow travel enthusiasts. I think the ideas behind Mount will help improve people’s lives and finances, and also have a larger environmental impact, which is very important to me.

Favorite vacay destination: The Island of Kauai! I really enjoy the laid-back atmosphere, the beauty and the raw nature of the island.

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