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Meet Our Newest Mountaineers...

Updated: Jul 24

Mount is kicking off 2023 with not one but two vacation rental superstar additions to our Mount team. This month we are welcoming Ellen Schaeffer, Mount’s new Head of Customer Success, and Drew Ewing, Mount’s Head of Business Development. Let me introduce you…

Many of us know Ellen as being Customer Success royalty, but did you know she got her first taste of the vacation rental game by helping her sister build up her vacation rental biz? When she originally started this venture with her sister, she didn't know what to expect, but she soon found herself well-versed in many platforms and software programs within the STR realm. Her data-driven and ambitious nature helped take her sister’s vacation rental business from $250k to $1.2 million! I mean those results speak for themselves!

As many of you already know, Ellen successfully developed and strengthened DACK, Inc’s business strategy, and customer success pipeline. Through both experiences, she found her passion! From building out various customer workflows using different systems, Ellen discovered her gift for helping her customers and those around her reach their goals and find success using technology. As she became more versed in the vacation rental industry, she realized just how important tech and data are to helping the industry grow!

We wanted to know what is it that has kept Ellen in the travel/vacation rental tech business. Like many of us here at Mount, Ellen has a love for travel and the creation of experiential travel and enhancing the guest experience.

Similarly to Ellen, Drew, the newest addition to the Mount Sales team, is a vacation rental industry legend. Having started his own vacation rental business more than 20 years ago, Drew has seen the industry go from 0 to 100 in a matter of years.

Living in Breckinridge, CO more than 20 years ago, residents didn’t have too many options for work. It was either work at one of the local ski resorts or be your own boss. Drew went for the latter. When starting his business in the early 2000s, there was virtually no tech in the short-term rental industry. After successfully taking his own STR business in Breckinridge from 7 units to 200 units, vacation rentals had permanently found a special place in Drew’s heart. From then on, he would work with companies like Red Awning and Operto, which have aided in the massive growth and advancement of the travel tech industry over the years.

Like most of us at Mount, Drew loves the high and excitement people often get from working in a start-up, so much so he’s done it 5+ times! Because of his extensive industry experience, Drew knows exactly what property managers want and need. His passion for helping those he works with to succeed, mixed with his love for tech and automation has made him the PERFECT fit in the Mount family. Not to mention his love for travel; from island hopping to being a van-lifer in California and New Zealand even before Instagram existed, Drew is a natural-born adventuroso, who doesn’t plan on stopping any time soon!

The Mount team is overjoyed to get to experience Ellen and Drew’s leadership and dedication to their craft. We are so excited to watch them grow and conquer their new roles here at Mount.

Want to get to know the rest of the Mount Team? Check out the Meet the Mount Team page!

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