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How To Get A Kickass Engineering Team

Updated: Jul 24

Lately, our Mount team has been rocking the conference world both in-person and virtually!
At the end of May, our very own Mount CTO and Co-Founder, Rishab Nayak, gave a very interesting talk about building an engineering team for the Glorium Technologies Virtual CTO Summit. The summit had over 1,000 virtual attendees over the two days and 13 brilliant speakers. Along with Rishab, the summit had talks from CTOs from various industries, like PR, Production, and Community Building. As different as these companies are, the one thing they have in common is that there's some core technology powering them.

After Glorium Technologies approached Rishab about doing a talk for this summit, he couldn’t have been more excited to spill the deets on how Mount was able to build such an amazing engineering team. His talk was very appropriately titled “Assembling a Kickass Founding Engineering Team" because our engineering team is pretty kickass (shoutout Brett and Travis!).

Throughout his talk, Rishab touches on the 3 C’s we all at Mount live by. The first C is communication, the second is commitment, and the last is culture. With Mount being such a small company (we aren’t even 10 people yet!), many of our company decisions are actually made… as a company. “I want the entire team to be involved in decision making whether it be a pivot, whether it be recalculating our trajectory for the upcoming year…” and this is something that we stand by and are doing our best to uphold as we continue to grow.

Being that we are a small, but mighty remote company, we hold communication so high on our must-haves list, a major part of our interview process has to do with how effective a candidate’s communications skills are no matter the position. “Our goal at Mount is to build a team of engineers that are eager to hear and provide feedback and great communication is a very valuable characteristic of being a great engineer and we look for that in candidates”

Want to hear more about building a kickass founding engineering team? Check out Rishab’s talk from the summit here. If you are looking to skip the intro, start the video at 49:00.

If you want to know more about our kickass team, Meet Our Mount Team! And if you are interested in joining our team, check out our open positions.

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