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Creating Guest Loyalty Through Experiences

Updated: Aug 31

Five Pillars to Thinking Beyond the Accommodation

Happier guests, more revenue, without a lot of effort? Too good to be true, or the benefit of Mount’s innovative software? If you chose the latter, you’d be spot on. With interest in experiential travel on the rise, hosts who can successfully offer personalized experiences to their guests will quickly differentiate themselves by offering something unique. Creating a Mount Mini-Marketplace featuring local experiences will lead to increased brand loyalty, return guests, and a bump to your bottom line.

Here are a few key benefits of our platform:

  • Local experience inventory: Mount hosts have access to a large inventory of unique local vendors, experiences, and tours by locals.

  • Increased personalization: It’s no longer enough to simply offer a place to stay. Guests are looking for a complete experience, personalized to their preferences. With a Mount Mini-Marketplace, you have the opportunity to curate a list of local experiences that will resonate with your guest profile. In fact, according to a report by Accenture, 91% of consumers prefer a brand “who recognize, remember, and provide relevant offers and recommendations.”

  • Convenience: Today’s guests are accustomed to self-service and increasingly prefer to explore and book adventures from the comfort of their favorite device. With a Mount Mini-Marketplace, they can scroll through your recommendations at their leisure. With effective communication, you will build excitement for their journey, taking advantage of a few key moments in the guest journey: post-booking, pre-stay, and after check-in.

  • Authentic experiences: Airbnb has consistently remained a favored choice among travelers seeking one-of-a-kind and genuine experiences. Providing your guests with easy access to experiences that highlight your unique destination will meet that need, save them from hours searching the internet, and create a direct link between your hospitality brand and their great memories.

  • Effortless revenue: Though the real value is in an elevated experience for your guests, you’ll also receive a commission from every booking without lifting a finger.

By allowing your guests to conveniently add local activities to their stay, they’re more likely to have the unforgettable experience they were hoping for. When you step in and provide unique, personalized value to your guest, you have turned a routine transaction—booking a vacation rental—into a curated, individualized service. By sharing your insider knowledge, you’ll earn the trust of your guests and increase the chance that they’ll book with you again.

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