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A Big Mountaineer Welcome to Jesus!

Updated: Jul 24

We have a new Mountaineer on board!

Mount is very excited to welcome our newest Mountaineer, Jesus Gonzalez, to our team. Jesus will be joining us on the sales front, as Head of Sales Strategy Advisor. He will be helping the Mount team extend the reach of Mount to hosts, property managers, and partners all over the world! If you don’t already know Jesus, let us introduce you properly!

Jesus grew up in Florida, but took a courageous leap of faith and moved to New York just THREE days after graduating from the University of Tampa! Coming from a family with a background in finance, Gonzalez was convinced he was destined to be in the finance industry. He received his bachelor’s in Finance and Economics from the University of Tampa and even received a job offer from one of the top companies in the finance sector, which he later turned down! Funny enough, Jesus discovered his knack for sales and entrepreneurship through a digital marketing position he took with a small company. From there, his impeccable sales skills got him noticed by an exec at Zillow and just like us, they had to have him on their team! Even with just being in the city for five years, Jesus has created one heck of a name for himself and created more connections than most people make in a lifetime.

It wasn’t only Jesus’ captivating salesmanship, charm, and charisma that made us say, “WE GOTTA HAVE HIM”; it was also his love and dedication for Mount as a company and as a family since that fateful day Mount CEO, Madi, showed up in his LinkedIn messages.

"We are excited to have Jesus join us. He's done incredible work at Zillow building their sales strategy and will bring that expertise to Mount."

- Madison Rifkin, Mount CEO and Co-Founder

Not only is Jesus a huge believer in Mount and its mission and vision, but he also embodies the true lifestyle of a Mountaineer. You want to know what gets Jesus booking flights and packing bags? Wine, food, and sports! Jesus is willing to hop on a flight for a good glass of Albariño or a much-anticipated soccer match. We love his drive and dedication to his craft and passions and couldn’t be more excited to have him on our team!

Want to get to know the rest of our amazing team here at Mount? Check out our Meet The Team blog while you're here!

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