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Host Ambassador Program

Welcome to the Mount Host Ambassador Program!

Are you passionate about your local area? Do you know it like the back of your hand? Are you connected with other Airbnb Hosts and local experience providers? If so, we have an exciting opportunity for you to put your knowledge and network to good use.


Introducing the Mount Host Ambassador Program! We are looking for enthusiastic individuals like you who can help us put your area on the map with Mount. As an ambassador, you will play a vital role in showcasing the incredible benefits of joining Mount to potential Airbnb Hosts and local experience providers.

Image by Headway
Connection Building: 

Your existing network of Airbnb Hosts and local experience providers is a powerful asset. Connect with them, engage in meaningful conversations, and introduce them to the countless advantages of joining Mount.

Sharing Success Stories:

Nothing resonates more than real-life success stories. Collect testimonials and case studies from satisfied Mount users in your area and use them to inspire and motivate potential hosts and providers to jump on board.

Happy Traveler
Image by Dylan Gillis
Hosting Workshops and Events:

Organize informative workshops and engaging events to educate and empower local hosts and providers. Share your expertise, offer guidance, and build a strong community of Mount users in your area.

Join us as a Mount Host Ambassador and unlock a world of opportunities.

Ready to embark on this exciting journey? Apply now to become a Mount Host Ambassador and be at the forefront of the Mount revolution!

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