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  • Do you offer a free trial?
    Mount does not offer a free trial. However, your subscription includes a free two weeks to allow you enough time to build and launch your Mount mini-marketplace.
  • How much does Mount cost?
    There are a few pricing tiers depending on what you are offering to your guests and the number of properties you have. You can find all of the pricing details on this page.
  • What about liability for in-house experiences?
    By registering your amenity with Mount, most equipment will include liability protection under our insurance policy, which will pick up where your property insurance no longer offers you protection. Here are the insurance basics: Mount holds a $2M aggregate Commercial General Liability policy that includes $1M for bodily injury protection & property damage and $1M for personal injury & advertising injury liability. Mount adds you to our insurance policy as an additional insured party, giving you access to our insurance coverage. Currently our insurance policy is only available for our most popular amenities: Bikes and e-bikes Scooters Kayaks, canoes, paddle boards, surfboards Amenities such as golf carts and UTVs do not qualify for liability protection, but you are still welcome to list via Mount. We will ask for your proof of insurance.
  • What are the key features of a Mount mini-marketplace?
    Mount streamlines the rental process for your on-site experiences from booking and calendar management, payments, and host and guest notifications. Mount also extends access to damage waivers and liability coverage for on-site experiences. You can also add a curated list of local experiences, hand-picked by you from our extensive list of vendor partnerships.
  • What is a Mount mini-marketplace?
    A Mount mini-marketplace is a custom built webpage unique to your property that allows you to offer your guests your own in-house experiences or handpicked experiences from our 40,000+ experiences across the world.
  • How can Mount help my hospitality business?
    Mount is designed to increase your guest offering, helping to differentiate your property, create memorable experiences, and improve your guest experience.
  • How will I know if a guest books an in-house experience?
    You will receive an automated email with the details of the booking, including the guest
  • Are there any additional fees for using Mount?
    Mount up-charges the guest for all in-house experiences by 20% to cover our credit card processing cost and platform hosting costs. So, if you charge $20 for a bike rental, your guest will pay $24. There are no additional fees for local experiences.
  • Does Mount provide equipment or host experiences?
    Mount is a technology platform and we do not supply amenities or host local experiences. However, we do have partnerships for discounts on equipment and can provide you recommendations for locks. We partner with local experience providers to help connect your guests with activities in your area.
  • How do I share my Mount mini-marketplace with guests?
    We recommend combining several methods of incorporating your Mount mini-marketplace into your overall guest communications strategy. Mention your in-house amenities in your property description, including the title (ex. Three Bedroom Beach House with E-Bikes) Include a link to your Mount page in pre-arrival emails to guests, letting them know about both in-house experiences and local activities Send an email two days pre-stay and one day after check-in sharing the link to your Mount page as a reminder Include a sign with a QR code linking to your Mount mini-markeplace in your property
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