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We make all things rentable, 
wherever in the world you are.

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Max, 23

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Rent a snowboard from

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Yumi, 33

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What we do

What We Do

Destinations with
More to Offer.

Today’s amenities aren’t tiny shampoos and bars of soap. They’re bikes, scooters, golf carts, kayaks, paddleboards, private chefs, private masseuses — and all the things that make the experience of a place better. 

Mount works with short-term rental hosts so travelers can rent anything they could possibly need at their destination from the locals.

True Self Service

You don’t need to “be there“
every time someone books.

Fast & Easy

Post your listing in 5 minutes. 

Insure Your Stuff

Our unique insurance policy 
always has you covered.

Rent Where You Are

Rentals right from your place, 
no need to track down a shop.

Authentic Experiences

Get all your information from a 

Travel Light

Rent all you need at your destination!

We see 5 stars
in Your Future

Best property and location on the island! Seriously, super super easy to walk to the beach and TONS of restaurants. Plus they have some of the ONLY scooters on the island, which makes getting around super easy!!

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Mount Renter

Guest at Righteous Rentals


Here’s How it Works

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Download our App

Create your account 

Rent Anything

Find all rentable amenities in your area. Click to see the price and reserve your rental in advance.

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Explore Your Way

Be your most spontaneous self and enjoy the local scene. If you need anything, Mount's got you.

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Return When You’re Done

Return your rental in the same condition you received it, then leave a review and rate your experience. 

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Create a Listing

Add photos, a description and the location of your amenity.

Connect to Your Systems 

If you use any software programs to manage your short-term rental, you can also use them to control your amenities.

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Market to Guests

Update your listing with your amenities and a link to the Mount app. 

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Earn Cash

When your amenities get rented, cash flows in. You get a direct deposit every month. 

The Mount Peace of Mind Guarantee

All rentals are tracked via GPS while they’re being rented — and you can add on an extra GPS tracker so we can find your item if it gets stolen.


Renters sign agreements electronically right on our app, so you never need to chase a guest down.


Our special insurance policy gives you all the coverage you need.

How It Work
Our Guarantee

Nothing is Too Small 
(or Too Big) to Be Shared



Our Journey

Imagine a world where you could take off on a trip and pack…. absolutely nothing. Well, maybe a toothbrush. But just a toothbrush. 

At Mount, we believe in a world where everything can be shared — and nothing needs to be owned (except for toothbrushes).

We’re a female-founded company of Gen Zers with wanderlust coded into our DNA who built a platform for exactly the kinds of ultra-empowering travel experiences we want to make possible in the world, for the world, all around the world.

Our properties and people are connected by an ethos — the desire to travel on one’s own terms, enable authentic cultural experiences, and give the true meaning of hospitality to everyone we touch. 

We’re here to make it so that communities enjoy the travelers just as much as the travelers enjoy the communities. 


Mount is for the mindful

Our Story
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